World War II

The European Theater

Missing in Action
Nick Moramarco
144 pages, paperback, $10.95
ISBN 1-56474-269-5

In 1943, fresh out of high school and against his father's wishes, Nick Moramarco joined the U.S. Army to do his part in World War II. Assigned to the Army Air Corps, he was stationed at Deopham Green, England, with the 8th Air Force, 452nd Bomb Group, 728th Bomb Squadron, serving as tail gunner aboard the Lucky Lady. On its thirteenth mission, the Lucky Lady was shot down over Hamburg, Germany.

Here is the story, told in painstaking detail, of a young man's sudden leap from boyhood to manhood, and of the tremendous sacrifice he endured in order to do his duty.
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The Pacific Theater

Archie Smallwood and the Marine Raiders
A Rifleman's Brief .30-Caliber History
of the Twentieth Century
Verle E. Ludwig
272 pages, paperback, $15.95
ISBN 1-56474-236-9
The picaresque adventures of a lusty half-Chinese pacifist Marine who rubs elbows with Chairman Mao and FDR and finds himself in the thick of Evans Carlson's raid on Makin Island.
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The Homefront

Julia's War Journal
A Fictionalized Memoir
Jane Ewing
144 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-325-X

Julia is sixteen when she marries her handsome young neighbor, Matt. Suddenly their lives are interrupted by the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and Matt leaves to serve his country. During his absence, Julia keeps a journal chronicling the day-to-day difficulties and fears of being a young bride in a world of uncertainty.

A Story of Love and War
Geraldine Boyce
144 pages, paperback, $12.95
ISBN 1-56474-341-1

This novel begins in England in 1947, with the wedding of a young English woman to an American she met during the war. The bride's mother reflects back on the war years, when her family, like so many families in Britain, sacrificed, suffered, and survived.
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Fiction from the War

Days of a Fledgling
Miles Burford
274 pages, cloth, $24.95
ISBN 1-56474-262-8
Two military commands are moved to a small town in North Carolina during World War II, and both the military and this small town change. Two pilots are thrown together--and they don't like it or each other. One is a non-military pilot there to earn his Service pilot license; the other is a pilot who has been placed in an administrative postion he's not prepared for. But the two men do find that they have a lot in common.
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Cats Over the Atlantic
VPB-73 in World War II
Lt. Robert L. Carlisle, USNR (Ret.)
192 pages, paperback, photos, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-124-9
"A soundly researched and vividly narrated account.... [Carlisle] has skillfully interwoven the history of the squadron into the tapestry of the war at large...[and] offers a skillful blend of personal anecdotes and operational situations that makes for fascinating reading."
—VAdm. Chalres S. Minter, Jr. USN (Ret.), from the Foreword

Lest We Forget
A POW Memoir of World War II
Dan McCullen
208 pages, cloth, photos, $22.95
ISBN 1-56474-191-5
The author was held captive by the Germans in World War II. His account of his training, service, and captivity will recall strong memories among all American veterans; it will also serve as a testimony to the lessons of history, and to the precious value of freedom.

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Letters from the South Pacific
A World War II Memoir
Robert P. Gregory
128 pages, paperback, photos, $10.95
ISBN 1-56474-168-0
In February 1944 Robert Gregory became one of more than a million men shipped to the South Pacific to do battle against Japan. "[Gregory's letters home] reveal the hopes and dreams of men facing an uncertain future [and] provide first-hand accounts that are improtant to families, historians, and researchers."
—Lt. Col. Robert E. Cole, U.S. Army, from the Foreword

The Pacific AppointmentTwo Lives that Met at Pearl HarborAlec C. Boatman
128 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-155-9
An insightful double memoir of an American seaman and a Japanese avaitor whose lives were fated to intersect on December 7, 1941. Boatman traces the young men's surpisingly parallel backgrounds leading up to Pearl Harbor, and goes on to describe their reunion and rapproachment years later.

P-Boat Pilot
With a Patrol Squadron in the Battle of the Atlantic
Lt. Robert L. Carlisle, USNR (Ret.)
160 pages, paperback, photos, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-046-3

From the moment Pearl Harbor was attacked, Robert L. Carlisle wanted nothing but to become an aviator. In P-Boat Pilot he describes his flight training, his assignment to Patrol Squadron 73, and the Battle of the Atlantic as seen from a patrol squadron based in Agadir, French Morocco.

The Quest for Freedom
The Life of a Belgian Resistance Fighter
Yvonne de Ridder Files
176 pages, paperback, photos, $9.95
ISBN 0-931832-93-4

The amazing story of one young woman's heroism as a member of Sabotage Group G against the Nazi occupatin of her country. Yvonne Files stored explosives in her basement, hid RAF pilots in her attic, prepeared incendiary devices in her living room, sabotaged German vehicles, and was betrayed, tortured, and sentenced to death.
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Wild Blue Yonder
A Wartime Romance Remembered
Dorothy Case Sheahan
176 pages, paperback, photos, $10.95
ISBN 1-56474-145-1
The war years form the distaff point of view: the dreary camp-following of anxious young wives, heart-stopping telegrams, babies born under harrowing circumstances, ration books, great swing tunes, and the families who filled in for husbands in uniform as best they could.
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