Trade Terms and Browsing Guide

Perhaps the greatest pleasure we get in the world of publishing comes from selling a book, and it's not just because selling books pays the rent. The thrill comes from knowing that someone somewhere will receive and read a book that we made ourselves, and knowing that someone will be enriched because we published that book.
Please make us happy. Buy a book. Buy lots of books. Here's how.

Individuals are requested to enclose payment with order. Add $4.00 per order for shipping. California residents add 8.75% sales tax. Make checks payable to Daniel & Daniel, Publishers. MasterCard and Visa accepted. Phone orders (toll-free): (800) 662-8351.

Prepayment with a check earns a 45% discount, and prepayment with a creditcard earns a 40% discount. Media Mail shipping charges additional.

For orders to be invoiced please contact SCB Distributors at (800) 729-6423 or order from Ingram BookCompany or Baker & Taylor.

Libraries are allowed a 20% discount. Shipping charges additional.

In the meantime, check out the following pages to learn about what kinds of books we publish.

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