Susan and John Daniel are literary professionals. Between them they've spent two lifetimes in the combined fields of bookselling, writing, editing, and publishing. To learn more about their credentials, check out their resumes.

As literary pros, John and Susan believe in the old maxim that those who can—do. They also believe that those who can—should teach. That's why they're available to give talks and lectures and to lead workshops and discussions.

Here are three subjects they cover in their talks, workshops, and courses.

Rules and Tools for Writing Short Fiction

Based on a ten-week course developed for UCLA Extension, this is a nuts-and-bolts presentation that can take the form of a course, a one-day or two-hour workshop, or even a one-hour talk. Beginning with the premise that good fiction is stronger than bad fiction, and that there are clear reasons for this difference, John Daniel, a successful writer, editor, and publisher of fiction, shows how to write short stories, how to write them well, and how to fix them when they're in trouble. When the presentation is given as a workshop, students write a short story on the spot, and John gives them a guaranteed method of getting a story published, as well as general tips on how to advance their writing careers.

Small-Press Options and Opportunities for Writers

Small, independent presses and periodicals are often more accessible and friendly than the big-time literary establishment. In some cases, being published by a small press is only the first stepping-stone to publication by much larger houses. In this presentation, successful literary publishers Susan and John Daniel reveal how small-press publishing works, from acquisitions to editorial development to book production to marketing and distribution. They explain how the author-publisher relationship works, and how it works best when both parties function together. They also advise writers on how to approach the small press and how small press publication can help their careers.

The Stories of Our Lives

Based on an eight-week course taught at Northern Humboldt Adult Education, this class (which can be delivered in an extended class or shortened to fit into a one-day workshop or even a one-hour presentation) explores the pleasure of writing our memories. It is important that we write down the stories of our lives, whether we do it in journals, memoirs, autobiography, fiction, or even poetry. The process is fun—even when it explores the dark corners of our past—and future generations will thank us for our memories, the wisdom we’ve gained, and the stories of our lives.

Partial list of teaching credits:

Fiction-writing courses and workshops at UCLA Extension, Santa Barbara Adult Education, Santa Barbara Writers' Conference, Golden Triangle Writers' Workshop, Dallas-Fort Worth Writers' Workshop, Klamath Falls Writers' Workshop, Pima Writers' Workshop, Cuesta College Writers' Workshop, and UCSB Extension.

Small press publishing classes and lectures at UC Irvine Extension, PEN-Orange County, Palm Springs Writers Guild, Ventura County Writers' Club, Santa Barbara Adult Education, Santa Barbara Screenwriters' Guild, Santa Barbara Writers' Workshop, Great Falls Writers in the Schools, and UCSB College of Creative Studies.

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