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In addition to publishing our own books, Daniel & Daniel offers many publication services to businesses, other publishers, and individual writer/publishers. Our expertise covers all phases of publishing, from writing and editing to book design and production to marketing and promotion, sales and distribution.

We can do full book packaging for you, or we can do separate services

—Do you want a cover designed?

—Do you want the text copy edited?

—Do you want advice on acquiring an ISBN and a bar code? Want your book listed in Books in Print and cataloged by the Library of Congress? What about copyright registration?

—How about book design and typesetting, proofreading and corrections, so you'll have camera-ready pages or disk for your printer?

—Need advice on choosing a printer and binder? What about paper weights and cover stock?

—When your book arrives from the printer, you should be ready with a complete marketing plan, a review list, a press release, a direct-mail brochure, some plans for a bookstore signing party, and a method for dealing with orders, sales tax, royalties, returns...

Publishing is a complicated, fascinating business. We love it, and we've been doing it successfully for two decades. (Check out our resumes.) We've done it for ourselves, and we've worked as consultants for many other companies, including Mitsubishi Electronics, The Sunset Club of Los Angeles, the Res Gestae Foundation, Harvey Mudd College, Ojai Valley School, the Gay and Lesbian Resource Center of Santa Barbara, the Religious Studies Department of the University of California at Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Historical Society, and the Mission La Purisma.

We can help you, too!

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