Small-Press book publishing is older than the Big Time New York Literary Establishment. In fact, small-press publishing is older than New York. It began in 1451, and the first small-press best-seller was the Gutenberg Bible.

Daniel & Daniel, Publishers, Inc. is proud to be a part of this long-lasting tradition, and we believe that fine book publishing will survive far into the future, as long as there are readers who love to look at words on pages, who love to hold books in their hands.

As small-press publishers, we do the same things that large publishers do: we acquire and develop manuscripts; we edit, design, typeset, print and bind books; and then we do our best to send those books out into the world by marketing, promoting, selling and distributing them.

We do this magic through our two publishing imprints, John Daniel and Company and Fithian Press. Click on either of those imprints to learn about the books it publishes and the manuscript guidelines for authors. To order a book, check out our Trade Terms and Browsing Guide.

Daniel & Daniel has been in business since 1985, and Susan and John Daniel have been in the publishing business far longer than that. They are available as consultants in the field of small-press publishing, and they also give lectures about small press options and opportunities for writers.

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