Manuscript Submission Assistance

Most writers write for publication, but many writers don't have the time, or the skills, or the patience, or the luck to find their way into print. That's why I offer manuscript submission assistance. If I feel your book-length manuscript has a good chance of being published, I'll prepare a manuscript proposal package for you and give you advice on how and where to send the work.

The book proposal package consists of a winning cover letter, a synopsis or overview, a market and competition analysis, an author biography statement, and a few chosen elements from the book (Table of Contents, Introduction, and/or first chapter, for example.)

I will also research the market for you and come up with a list of over fifty agents and publishers and editors who might be interested in publishing your book. I'll give you their names and addresses, in the order I think you should try them, starting with what I think are your best bets.

Before I create a book proposal package, I ask the author to fill out a questionnaire so I’ll know as much as I can know about the book. If you’re interested in this service, please take a look at that questionnaire, which you’ll find at The Book Proposal Package.

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