Manuscript Evaluation

If you have written a story or an article and you don’t know what it needs but you know it could be better, send the manuscript to me and let me analyze it. I’ll send you a candid, constructive report pinpointing the piece’s strengths and weaknesses. I’ll tell you what kind of editing you need, quote the cost of having me do the repair work, and give you advice on how to market the piece when it’s ready to send out.

If you’ve written a full-length book, an editorial analysis is an invaluable tool. I read the book carefully and respond with a 10+-page, single-spaced report, again outlining the book’s strengths and weakness, recommending specific repair needs (copy, line, or developmental editing), and suggesting a marketing plan.

I specialize in fiction and memoir, but I have done editorial analyses of books in other genres, and I’m comfortable with any kind of writing.

Before sending me your manuscript, please call me toll-free: 1-800-662-8351. I’ll discuss the project with you and let you know approximately when I can do your editorial analysis and how much it will cost. It takes me several days or even up to a week to do a thorough job, so we need to make arrangements and reserve time in advance.

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