Writing can be a lonely business. It’s perhaps the most solitary art form there is, and being alone with your words and ideas can drive you nuts. Self-doubt is an occupational hazard: Is this story working? Would anybody buy this book? Do I have any talent at all or am I wasting my time? Should I take up macramé instead?

You can show your work to your friends and your spouse and your mother or your grandchildren, but chances are you won’t get an honest answer. Or if you get an honest answer it might not be from someone who knows much about writing. You can join a writing group and get feedback from your peers—in fact you should do that, if possible—but the feedback you receive may not be as useful as you’d hope for, either because your peers may be overly competitive or because they don’t know much about writing or the publishing process.

Sound familiar?

If you feel you need honest and intelligent feedback from time to time, from a professional who’s worked in this business for years, consider me as your concerned correspondent. I’ll read your work, counsel you on your writing, and guide your career, either on a one-time basis or in an ongoing mentorship.

Most of my mentorship clients send me about fifty pages a month, and I get back to them promptly with supportive critique, suggestions for improving the writing, and my ideas about where they should submit their stories and articles and books.

I’ve been writing for fun and profit all my adult life, and I’m still not tired of it. Put my enthusiasm, experience, and skill to work for you!

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