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John M. Daniel Literary Services is a division of Daniel & Daniel, Publishers, Inc. I provide services and support to businesses and organizations, other publishers, and especially to individual writers who need help with the written word. I offer editing of various sorts, manuscript evaluation, ghostwriting, private instruction and mentorship, and help with the manuscript submission process. I’m also available for lectures and workshops, and can provide a number of support services in the fields of book production, publication, marketing and promotion.

It’s my belief that every good writer needs a good editor. I also know that writing is a lonely business and we all need feedback and guidance from time to time. I am grateful for all the friendly encouragement and advice and instruction I’ve received along the way (and I’ve been making my way as a writer/editor/publisher for thirty years). Now I am in business to pass some of that wisdom and enthusiasm along to other writers.

So, if you need a book written or a manuscript edited, if you want ongoing supportive critique of your writing, if you want help getting your writing out into the hands of readers, or if you want coaching on your craft or advice on your career, read on.

Literary Services
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Developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and other editorial tasks

Manuscript Evaluation
Critique and the editorial analysis

Your article, story, or book professionally written under your name

ongoing advice and encouragement on the craft and career of writing

Manuscript Submission Assistance
Advice and research and the manuscript proposal package

Lectures, classes, and workshops in writing and publication

Publication Services
Book production, publication, marketing and promotion

Writers' Resources—Opinionated Advice For Writers
An ongoing column about writing and publishing.

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