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The Big One
A Novel
by Ed Moses
ISBN 978-1-56474-616-0
264 pages, paperback, $15.95

”You may think you’re settling into some sort of rosy fishing idyll, but hang on. Moses has far bigger things in mind.” Pete Fromm, author of If Not For This and others.

Twelve-year-old Eddie has always loved fishing trips with his grandfather, idyllic, day-long floats on their home river. But now Gramps, the charismatic owner of a local sporting goods store, has himself been hooked by dementia; he’s obsessed with catching the biggest fish in the river, and he’s scaring everyone in Eddie’s life half to death. There is some humor and some darkness. The climactic 60-mile river journey with one voyager perhaps mad and the other perhaps kidnapped, carries Eddie and his grandfather inexorably to a final, fateful encounter with the Big One.

Ed Moses is a retired teacher living in Pennsylvania. For many years he has sought, caught, and released the Big One on the river which flows through this story. He is also the author of the novel Nine Sisters Dancing and the memoir Missions with Fish.

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