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Reviews of
My Well-Balanced Life
on a Wooden Leg
Memoirs by Al Capp
Foreword by John Updike

"The creator of the comic strip 'Li'l Abner; knew not only how to draw a memorable line, but how to write one, as these essays testify. Capp's writing is vividly, even hyperbolically, alive. He had a faultless ear, a wicked eye for hypocrisy and self-aggrandizement, a great comic's mastery of repetition, and a poker player's way with a joke, so that just when you think he's about to fold he comes up with a full house." --The New Yorker

"The pieces collected in this book almost all have to do with social complications arising from Capp's early loss of a leg, and he describes them with insouciant good humor that never quite obscures an undercurrent of rage. The effect of this combination is wryly touching." --The Atlantic

"My Well-Balanced Life on a Wooden Leg proves that Al Capp could tell a good story even without using pictures. Despite the book's coy title, not all of the pieces deal with Capp's disability; when he does address that subject, it is with sly and unsentimental humor. Capp is at this best here when writing about the art form of which he was a master, and which he unabashedly loved." --Peter Keepnews, New York Times

"Staying power is the only thing that counts in the comics. Capp gave it an amazing run. The wry, ornery, brilliantly perceptive satirist will go down as one of the great American Humorists." --Chicago Tribute

"My Well-Balanced Life on a Wooden Leg brings back fond memories of that wry, funny, cantankerous creator of Dogpatch, one of the century's most pungent humorists." --Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

"To me the book is a sheer delight. No leg, real or wooden, has ever been written about with as much candor, wit, and suppressed rage--a clear vision of clothed mammals acting out the folly that engulfs all of us." --Al Hirschfeld

"There is no doubt that Li'l Abner was one of the greatest comic strips of all time. Al Capp had a wonderful imagination and was a good story teller. I'm glad we can hear him again." —Charles M. Shulz

My Well-Balanced Life On a Wooden Leg
Al Capp
Introduction by John Updike
ISBN 0-936784-93-8
Cloth, 128 pages, $15.95, 5.5"x 8.5"
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