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Here are the John Daniel and Company backlist books. To place an order, please see our Trade Terms and Browsing Guide. We also invite you to send for our free complete catalog.


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The Balancing Pole
A Novel
Ann L. McLaughlin
192 pages, 5 1/2"X8 1/2", paperback, $9.95
ISBN 0-936784-90-3

"Make no mistake about it, Ann McLaughlin has written a deeply moving, adroitly embroidered novel."—The Washington Post
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The Best of Intentions
And Other Stories
Artie Shaw
ISBN 0-936784-74-1, 176 pages, paper, $9.95

"His prose has the jazzy rhythms of his music, and a good time is had by all."
Kirkus Reviews

Sold out/out of print

Between Man and Woman Keys
Rosalind Brackenbury
ISBN 1-880284-52-9
192 pages, paperback, $12.95
"I can't remember the last time I read an extended piece of writing whose subjects, cadences, correspondences and plot so unerrignly interfold, its ingredients including political refugees, definitions of fidelity, rekindled hope, young love, endurance and sudden loss."
—Bud Navero, Key West Citizen reviewing Seas Outside the Reef

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Big Chocolate Cookies
A Novel
E.S. Goldman
ISBN 0-936784-49-0, 246 pages, cloth, $17.95

"An incredibly precious, wonderful, goofy rigmarole of a book. It's great! It's fun! It's one of a kind! What characterization! What dialogue! What elegance this writer has! It's the BEST."
—Carolyn See, Los Angeles Times

Sold out/out of print

The Book of the Few
Genesis: A Secular Interpretation of Biblical Creation
Harry Walter Moss
introduction by Steve Moss, illustrated with
72 pages, 5"x 8.5", paperback, $10.00
ISBN 1-880284-25-1
"The Book of the Few is a compassionate view of the human condition, and of why we must forever seek knowledge and share it....[It is] a compelling argument that the ancient Biblical text of Genesis was not written to instill guilt and fear, but to offer hope and reason to an uncertain world."—from the Introduction by Steve Moss

"A lovely essay, simple and provocative at the same time."
—Bishop John Shelby Spong
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Sold out/out of print

Calls from the Granite State
Richard Merrill
144 pages, 5-1/2"X8-1/2", clothbound, $17.95
ISBN 1-880284-22-7
Fiction/Short Stories

"Rich Merrill's voice was rare, deceptively simple and straightforward, with a generous undertone of sympathy and understanding. His vision was unique, uplifting, deeply humane."—John L'Heureux

City of Roses
Stories from Girlhood
Mary Jane Moffat
0-936784-08-3, paper, $8.95

"Mary Jane Moffat captures and blends the wryly won wisdom of the mature heart with the perception of the child. Witty, tender, and profoundly wise." —Tillie Olsen

Sold out/out of print

Closer to Houston
A Novel
Richard Fagen
160 pages, 5 1/2"X8 1/2", paperback, $8.95
ISBN 0-936784-83-0

"A terrific political novel about North Americans in Central America--written with more honesty and meaning than we ever get from the media."
—Sandra Levinson, Director, Center for Cuban Studies


"Flanner may be the best unknown writer in America." —San Francisco Chronicle

"Reading her subtle and revealing prose is like following a ray of light through a prism." —Publishers Weekly

Brief Cherishing
A Napa Valley Harvest
ISBN 0-936784-03-2, 100 pages, paper, $10.00

Four essays celebrating a remarkable marriage in a remarkable new home.

At the Gentle Mercy of Plants
Essays and Poems
ISBN 0-936784-13-X, 96 pages, paper, $10.00

Flanner explores her kinship with the plant kingdom in these writings about the California landscape.
Sold out/out of print

Different Images
Portraits of Remembered People
ISBN 0-936784-28-8, 108 pages, paper, $10.00

A tribute to four friendships that changed this writer's life.

Collected and Selected
ISBN 0-936784-27-X, 112 pages, paper, $10.00

The author's choice from a lifetime's work.

Gathering A Life
A Journal of Recovery
Jeanne Lohmann
ISBN 0-936784-77-6, 72 pages, paper, $7.50

"These pieces record in affecting detail the ebb and flow between two people as they approach the moment when only one will remain." —Buffalo Spree

Go Where the Landshed Takes You
Jane Glazer
ISBN 1-880284-63-4
96 pages, paperback, $7.50
Some of the poems in this collection take on gigantic subjects, as big as the cosmos and forces beyond our control; but the poet also finds pleasure in simpler, tamer matters, like children on a beach and cows in the barn. There's magic in these poems, some of it spooky and some ordinary, some sensual, all of it meaningful. These poems also take us traveling over the globe and time-traveling through human history. There is a balance here between the brain and the spirit, and tension between the wild and the tame.

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Heaven Lies About
Southern Stories
Maclin Bocock
80 pages, 5-1/2"X8-1/2", paperback, $9.00
ISBN 1-880284-02-2

"Maclin Bocock's haunting, intelligent stories of growing up in the South amid compassion, anger, and loss are simply unforgettable."—Alice Hoffman

A Hole in the Water
A Novel
Mae Briskin
ISBN 1-880284-49-9
240 pages, cloth, $24.95
"…her complex story is insightful in its portrayal of an older woman still able to experience life in all its pleasures and pain."
Kirkus Reviews, January 1, 2002

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Hollywood's Revolutionary Decade
Charles Champlin Reviews the Movies of the 1970s
192 pages, 6" x 9", paperback, $14.95
ISBN 880284-26-X
In 1968, Hollywood adopted a new and liberating ratings system, one that revolutionized the form and content of movies almost overnight. Freed from the restrictions of the Hays Code, movies grew triumphantly over the next decade, daring to explore areas like sex, politics, and violence with bold visual images, shocking language, and new ideas about how films are made.

As American movies in the 1970s captured a society in upheaval, Charles Champlin captured the movies in his reviews for the Los Angeles Times. Now he gathers together over 50 reviews of what he considers Hollywood's most important films from Hollywood's most exciting decade. From "Easy Rider" to "Raging Bull," by way of "Midnight Cowboy," "Chinatown," "The Godfather," and dozens more, here's proof that the unfettered 1970s were Hollywood's Revolutionary Decade.

Charles Champlin was the principal film critic for the Los Angeles Times from 1967 to 1980, and he continues to contribute occasional articles to the Times. He is the author of many books, including Back There Where the Past Was and George Lucas: The Creative Impulse.
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Home is Where the Bus Is
Anne Beckwith Johnson

ISBN 1-880284-47-2
224 pages, paperback, $14.95
er, $9.95

In 1960-61, at the height of the Cold War, Vernon Johnson decided to take his entire family—his wife, and eight children ages 2 to 17—on a trip around the world. It was hard enough to travel behind the Iron Curtain under the best of circumstances, but the Johnsons chose to do it the hard way: in a converted municipal bus, which broke down whenever it could. This is a lovely story of two years abroad, with adventures in Italy (spending time with Anita Ekberg), France (Paris in the Spring wasn't what they'd expected), Sweden (a beautiful place to spend the winter), the USSR (food scarce, people friendly), Japan (a bureaucratic nightmare) and many other points along the way. The bus broke down a lot, the kids got sick, and they nearly ran out of money often, but it was the trip of a lifetime.
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Home Is the Hunter
And Other Stories
Meg Files
128 pages, 51/2" x 81/2" paperback, $10.00
ISBN 1-880284-14-6
Fiction/Short Stories

"This is a skillfully crafted book, peopled by characters who are compelling and real. But be warned: they'll grab you and they'll shake you--believe it. Meg Files is just a wonderful storyteller."
—Ron Querry, author of The Death of Bernadette Lefthand
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Sold out/out of print

The House on Q Street
A Novel
Ann L. McLaughlin
ISBN 1-880284-59-6
320 pages, paperback, $14.95
"Make no mistake about it, Ann McLaughlin has written a deeply moving, adroitly embroidered novel." —James Sallis, The Washington Post reviewing The Balancing Pole
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Jealous-Hearted Me
Nancy Huddleston Packer
144 pages, 5-1/2"X8-1/2", paperback, $10.00
ISBN 1-880284-20-0
Fiction/Short Stories

"Nine plainspoken, warmhearted and wryly observed stories."
Publishers Weekly
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Jonah and Job
Two Poems and an Essay
Judson Jerome
64 pages, 5 1/2"X8 1/2", paper, $8.95
ISBN 0-936784-94-6

"In the masterful hands of Mr. Jerome, the two unlikely prophets--one can't cope, the other won't--come alive. Through subtle satire, modern language and sharp wit, Jonah and Job's predicaments are both amusing and insightful. The end result is a couple of characters at whom readers will laugh out loud, be drawn back to after and get more from every time."—Amelia
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Keeping Warm
Essays and Stories
Max Schott
ISBN 1-880284-64-2
240 pages, paperback, $15.00

Here's a collection of essays, diaries, and stories by the author of Murphy's Romance, Ben, and Up Where I Used to Live. Max Schott was a horse trainer in the high desert country of southeastern Oregon, then went on to teach literature and writing at the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. He says he writes about what he knows, or would like to know, or hopes to know.
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