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After I Said No
A Novel
Sheila Golburgh Johnson
ISBN 1-56474-312-8
128 pages, paperback, $10.95
When Perle Sokolov arrives in New York at the age of fourteen, escaping the persecution and anti-Semitism of tsarist Russia, she is fortunate to have a new home with her well-off Aunt Heddie. But there are strings attached: everyone expects her to marry her repulsive cousin David.

Perle says no. Forsaking her family, she moves into a squalid boarding house and works in a sweatshop. She witnesses strikes and violence firsthand as she becomes involved with the growing garment workers' movement.
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After the Tempest
A Novel
John H. Menkes

ISBN 1-56474-415-9
320 pages, paperback, $14.00

Judith Berger is a girl growing up in a well-to-do family in Vienna; her boyfriend is Anton Kermauner. This novel takes place during Hitler’s rise to power, so the fates of the young sweethearts are controlled by events that shake the world. Judith loses her home and her parents because she is Jewish; Anton joins the Hitler Youth and loses his soul. Even after the war, when Judith returns to Vienna, the wounds cannot heal, and Judith must find her own strength on her own.
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Against the Current of the Congo
A Novel
Suzanne Gray
278 pages, paperback, $24.95
ISBN 1-56474-263-6

Follow Claudia Fouquet into the Congo--formerly known as Zaire and also the Beligan Congo--and read about Africa in transition, Claudia's foolish brother Stephen, and Antoine--a humanitarian and hard-working doctor to whom Claudia is attracted.
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A Novel
Nancy Ferguson
ISBN 1-56474-361-6
240 pages, paperback, $14.95
"We had one theater in my hometown, and if there was enough money, Mama took me to an early movie every Friday when the feature changed. She would lean over to me and whisper, 'See her? You'll be just as pretty when you grow up.'"
From smalltown girl to Hollywood star--a reclusive celebrity finally tells her secrets. Alana is a fictional autobiography that travels from the heartland to Hollywood, from the 1940s through the mid-1990s, told by a star whom everyone adored and no one really knew.
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All The Proud Ships
A Novel
Charles E. Friend
320 pages, paperback, $14.95
ISBN 1-56474-164-8

"It is, to use an old phrase, a rattling good sea yarn. The nautical details are authentic, including that most difficult task of describing how a ship of the line was handled. There are storms and battles galore, intrigue with a brace of privateers, and, of course, a little romance."—Small Press

Anita of Rancho del Mar
Elaine F. O'Brien, illustrated by Francine Rudesill
176 pages, illustrated, paperback, $8.95
ISBN 0-931832-79-9 (Y/A--8–12)

"Don't miss this wonderful story and the chance to learn more about California history. I don't know of any other book that can compete with it." —The California Reader

Anya's Echoes
A Novel
Esty Schachter

ISBN: 1-56474-427-2
96 pages, paperback, $10.00

“Sometimes, even nothing is something.…” Lea is a thirteen-year-old girl with the usual problems: family, friends, grades, and boys. It doesn’t seem fair that she has to share a room with her little sister when her great-aunt Anya comes for an extended visit. As if that weren’t enough, her best friends at school are fighting among themselves, and Lea has to choose between staying loyal and staying popular. When Lea discovers a tape her aunt Anya has recorded, she learns of a time in history she can barely imagine. Anya, a survivor of the Holocaust, becomes Lea’s wise and caring mentor, from whom Lea learns the value of personal courage. Anya’s Echoes is a warm, funny, touching, and important young adult novel about things that matter to all of us—at any age.
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Alpha Male
A Tale of the Battle of Commerce
Sam Foster
ISBN 1-56474-397-7
224 pages, paperback, $14.95

Jack Kendrick is fired from his job as sales manager for a high-power commercial real estate agency because he will not compromise his ethics and agree to an illegal sale. He lands on his feet and is hired by another firm. One of the agents working under him is a rapacious and ambitious woman named Liz Peterson. She has no ethics and will stop at nothing to close a deal. She exploits the ambitions of a young trainee, forces him to have sex with a client, which drives him to suicide. Jack Kendrick, investigating the young man's death, uncovers the illegal aspects of Liz's dealing, and a showdown tests the morals and the strengths of all concerned.
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Archie Smallwood and the Marine Raiders
A Rifleman's Brief .30-Caliber History of the Twentieth Century
Verle E. Ludwig
272 pages, paperback, $15.95
ISBN 1-56474-236-9

The picaresque adventures of a lusty half-Chinese pacifist Marine who rubs elbows with Chairman Mao and FDR and finds himself in the thick of Evans Carlson's raid on Makin Island.
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Aura of Purgatory
A Novel
James I. McGovern
ISBN 1-56474-339-X
224 pages, paperback, $14.95
Nathan Rhodes, a reluctant U.S. government agent, finds himself in the thick of fast-moving plots and counterplots when he is sent on an ambiguous mission to Southeast Asia. Rhodes is torn between loyalty to his government, which supports the local dictatorship, and his own revulsion to the corruption he finds there.

Rhodes is also torn by his desire for two women, one a former nun, the other a secretary involved with a radical fringe group. Rhodes's own background is complicated by conflicting claims of love and religion.
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