FITHIAN PRESS is a small-press publisher in McKinleyville, California. We specialize in trade paperback editions, although we occasionally publish hardback books as well. Our print runs range from 500 copies to 2,000 copies. For this reason, we seldom publish long books--books over 100,000 words.

Editorial Focus
We are currently publishing four titles a month. Our goal is to publish one book each month in the following categories: poetry, memoir/autobiography, fiction (novel or story collection), and general nonfiction. We are presently receiving several hundred manuscripts a year for consideration, which provides us the opportunity and the challenge of selecting the best works we can find in each category. Because of the financial arrangements we have with our authors (see below), the "best" manuscript need not be the most commercial. In fact, Fithian Press is not the appropriate publisher for a highly commercial book, and we are far more interested in the book's value and the quality of the writing than its mass-market potential. However, we are reluctant to publish any book that has no likely prospect for sales or good reviews.

Financial Arrangments with Our Authors
All Fithian Press books are copublished with their authors. This means the author pays the cost of production in exchange for a large royalty (60%). We pay royalties cheerfully and semi-annually. In addition to producing the books, Fithian Press also contributes, at no additional cost to the author, full publishing services ranging from editing and design to promotion and marketing. The published books are the property of the author, who may take possession of them at any time.

To find out more about Fithian Press books, check out our pages describing New and Recent Fithian Press Books, the Fithian Press Books of the Month, and this month's Featured Backlist Title. If you're a potential customer, check out our Trade Terms and Browsing Guide. If you're an author looking for a publisher, click here for our Manuscript Guidelines. Click here to learn more about our creative Copublishing Program.

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