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Be Careful What You Wish For

Maggie Summer moves to Maine, but finds living in a small
town more complicated, and deadly, than she’d imagined.

Antique print dealer Maggie Summer thought all her dreams had come true, with a new home in Maine, a new business with her loved one, Will Brewer, and the adoption of a prospective daughter under way. But she soon learns that the apartment and antiques mall are still works in (messy) progress, and the tough nine-year-old, Brook, dislikes everything in Waymouth but the river seals. Then three seals are shot, and later a young man. Brook tries to run away, and Will owns up to something in his past that may prevent the adoption. Will Maggie’s dreams all turn to nightmares?

Mystery award nominee Lea Wait lives in a 1774 house on the Sheepscot River in Maine (which was moved from an island to the mainland in the 1830s). She learned the antiques trade as a child from her grandmother, a doll and toy dealer, and ran a print business together with her mother for years. No surprise then that she writes acclaimed historical novels for children as well as a mystery series about Maggie Summer, whose life has many parallels with her own besides the prints they both deal in—interest in adoption of older children, a romantic partner in an allied field, for example. She has been an antiques dealer (fourth-generation) since 1977

Besides her Agatha Award-nominated eight-book mystery series about antique print dealer Maggie Summer, she also writes books for young people, and a new mystery series, Mainely Needlepoint. The mother of four adopted Asian daughters, now grown, she lives in Maine with her artist husband. She may be visited at and the Maine Crime Writers blog.

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Shadows on a Morning in Maine
An Antique Print Mystery
Lea Wait
ISBN 978-1-56474-577-4
240 pages, trade paperback original, $15.95

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