Trusted Truth-Teller Turns His
Talent to Fiction

Now retired from
his career in pulonary
medicine, Dr. Daniel picks up the pen

Thomas M. Daniel had a long and admirable career as an officer in a war between species, namely the perennial struggle between Humankind and tuberculosis. Because of his prominence in this war, he has delivered talks all over the world, and travel has become a frequent part of his life, even into his retirement. Airplane travel has given him more time to read, and Dr. Daniel spends much of his spare time traveling with his favorite authors—Louise Penny and John LeCarré, for example. He likes mystery and suspense fiction that is both intelligent and entertaining.
Dr. Daniel retired from medicine some years ago, but he hasn’t given up the fight. Nor has he stopped working. He has taken up writing and has had ten  books published, most of them about the history medicine and disease, especially TB.

Now he has turned to fiction. His first novel, Escape Through the Andes, is set in Bolivia and Peru, territory Daniel knows well, having lived in La Paz with his family for a year. His novel concerns the escape across the Andean intermountain plateau of an American professor and his Bolivian friend, a CIA spy, to safety on the Peruvian coast. It not only provides suspense as the two principal characters flee across the Andean Altiplano, it also introduces many of the interesting geographic and cultural-historical features of this region. It is accurate in these descriptions. If you’ve ever visited Lake Titicaca or the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, you will enjoy returning to this dramatic land. If you’ve never been to these breath-taking sites, Escape Through the Andes will tempt you to travel south. Whoever you are, you will find this novel full of suspense and delight.
Thomas M. Daniel is an emeritus professor of medicine at Case Western Reserve University. During his academic career he was a specialist in pulmonary medicine and directed a research laboratory studying patients’ immune responses to tuberculosis. In his retirement years he has turned to writing. His previous works include seven books focused on medical history. Escape Through the Andes  is his first work of fiction. He lives and writes in Hudson, Ohio.

Escape Through the Andes
A Novel

Thomas M. Daniel
ISBN 978-1-56474-602-3
160 pages, paperback, $14.95

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