Retired anthropolgist/nature historian Dennis Roth presents a safe, free, sure-fire path to ecstasy.

Throughout human history people have sought “varieties of the religious experience,” “the doors of perception,” “the light,” and other expressions of that “AHA!” moment that gives us temporary or long-lasting bliss. Unfortunately, some paths to this thrill can be expensive (traveling to an ashram in India, for example), or dangerous (jumping out of airplanes), or illegal (psychedelic drugs), or darned hard work (monastic asceticism).

What Dennis Roth has discovered and developed is a different way of getting high. How high? The moon. But also as close as the knots of a tree and as far as the swirling galaxy. It’s simple, almost childlike, and it’s fun. What is this path to “nirvana”? It’s a path through the woods. At night. With frequent stops along the way.

Roth does what people have always done, walking at night and in the very early morning, enjoying the quiet and the dark and the light of celestial bodies. But he does it differently from how most of us have done it. He hangs upside down. Or he squeezes his vision through cracks between leaves, branches, his hands, or squints, or gazes at the same sight night after night to celebrate the differences—or all of the above, and more. In so doing, he has built love affairs with special trees, been smitten by the moon, has discovered a bottomless ocean of sky, and most of all has opened himself wide to the glory of the universe.

You can do it, too. Roth’s book, Oozing the Moon, will show you how, or at least get you started on your own experimentations with perception. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a serious astronomer, an artist, a philosopher, a nature lover, or a city-dwelling nine-to-fiver. It works equally for people of all religions, including no religion. You can have fun, and enlightenment, hanging upside down, hearing the music of the spheres. Find out what those nocturnal animals have known for millennia.

Get started today. No, tonight.

About the author.

Dennis Roth, who holds Ph.D. in cultural anthropology, is a retired historian (he was Chief Historian for the U. S. Forest Service) and social scientist with the federal government. He lives, writes, and explores in Reston, Virginia.

Oozing the Moon
A Sky and Night Woods Guide to the Galaxy
Dennis Roth
ISBN 1-56474-460-4
176 pages, paperback, $12.95

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