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Professors Behaving Badly

“In Raphael’s entertaining ninth [Nick Hoffman]
mystery… the distinctive characters and authenticity of the setting keep the story moving forward. Series fans will hope they won’t
have to wait years to see Nick again.”
Publishers Weekly

At first the stylish and erudite new chair of the SUM English department seems like a welcome change to Nick Hoffman—until he begins to rule with an iron hand. Reminiscent of his namesake, Dr. Napoleon Padovani throws his weight around capriciously and cruelly. Resentment mounts on campus—with an inevitably fatal result. Chaos and confusion reign among the faculty, which then turns on its own. Can Nick and his spouse Stefan restore order and save the day?

In his twenty-sixth book, best-selling author, Lev Raphael‘s satire of academic infighting, campus turmoil and danger, and administrative malfeasance has never been sharper—or more timely. Reviewers have called his series “marvelous humor and satisfying mystery… wickedly fun” (Drood Review); witty, literate, cheerfully satirical” (Books to Watch Out For); an intimate look at the jungle of academia” (Mystery Review). Raphael has described the university as ”a unique combination of the vanity of profeesional sports, the hypocrisy of politics, the cruelty of big business, with a touch of organized crime thrown in.”

The story in State University of Murder couldn‘t be more current as it deals with sexual assault on campus, academic cover-ups, the aftermath of a campus mass-shooting, the rising tide of intolerance on college campuses, and the plight of part-time faculty who form a chea, abused labor force.”

A prize-winning author of twenty-five books in several genres (academic satire mystery, literary fiction, memoir, essays, self-help), Lev Raphael has also reviewed in many periodicals and on public radio. His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. He lives in Michigan with his longh-time spouse and teaches creative writing at a state university campus.

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State University of Murder
A Nick Hoffman Mystery

Lev Raphael
ISBN 1-880284-68-5
216 pages, Original Trade Paperback, $14.95

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