What is the Meaning of Love?
One woman's experience of a universal quest

Since the age of seven, Randi has felt that she and God could communicate. She has felt free to ask questions. But God’s answers are sometimes as hard to understand as her questions. Growing up, Randi trusted what she felt was right, so long as it was good. She found that was not always as easy as it sounded. Good? What is good?
Randi asked God and she asked the Universe, and they both agreed with her heart, which answered that love is good. Her search for life’s meaning had to include a search for love—deep and pure love. Next question: What is love?

In her book, Grab Your Miracle, Randi tells the story of her quest to know the meaning of love. She tells her tale with honesty and humor, with celebration and regret. It has been an often bumpy road, fraught with disappointment, tears, and a few wrong turns, but the journey has been a miraculous adventure.

Read this book and you may find out something about yourself. For we’re all somehow on the lookout for the meaning of life, of love, and that which is good. Experience Randi’s quest and you may discover that you, too, can Grab your miracle!
Randi Rabin was one of four children of a country-western bandleader always on the move. As an independent young adult she had a glamorous career as a stunt woman, a swimsuit and sportswear model, an airline flight attendant, a commercial actress and was the wife of a wealthy businessman in Beverly Hills. In 1997 she moved to Santa Barbara, and in 1999 she remarried. Randi currently lives with her husband and son in Santa Barbara, California, where she is in private practice as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

Grab Your Miracle
The Magic of a Mother’s Love

Randi Rabin
ISBN 978-1-56474-596-5
96 pages, paperback, $14.00

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