This book is recommended
reading for anyone interested in money.
For the author, it was required writing.

When author Graydon Dee Hubbard was asked why he wrote his new novel, he replied, “When I deurbanized and retired to write, I had in mind three books which would defy genre characterization, be relevant, and perhaps make a difference.” His first book, Slim to None, a Journey Through the Wasteland of Anorexia Treatment, fulfilled a promise Hubbard made to his dying daughter. His concern for our natural environment and a life-long passion for fly fishing inspired his debut novel, Charlie’s Pride. Both books were Denver Post best sellers.

Featuring a modern-day Robin Hood, newly released At the Altars of Money is the book Hubbard says, “I was destined to write. It’s experience-based in my two professional careers and my conviction that helping others is an important ingredient to a long and happy life.” His third book showcases prominent real people, events, and conditions presaging the 2008 meltdown in financial markets, and it reveals real culprits of the times. It could be called a historical novel, confined to a few years shouldering Y2K. “In this book,” he says, “I wanted to write about the dollar-dominated sector of our American society in a way that was first and foremost entertaining; but also informative, even provocative and willing to challenge popular beliefs.”

At the Altars of Money presents imagined characters who feel real. They also share Hubbard’s late-in-life passions for climbing high mountains and recreational travel and play time in the Bahamas and Scotland.

A Denver CPA for 32 years, Hubbard managed the largest audit practice in the Rocky Mountain west. As a former director or trustee of twelve organizations, he’s chaired Audit Committees and served as Designated Financial Expert. He has written, edited, analyzed, and explained about a million pages of financial information. He’s also taught at the University of Colorado; testified before a Grand Jury and in civil and criminal trials; and made financial presentations to the Colorado Legislature, to Government agencies, and to a committee of the U.S. Senate.

At the Altars of Money
A Novel
by Graydon D. Hubbard
ISBN 978-1-56474-601-6
104 pages, Hardcover, $25.95

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