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Perfect Wedding/Perfect Murder

“In Grace’s enjoyable ninth Miniature mystery . . . a realistic
and very human cast of characters enhances this cozy, as does the
loving relationship between Gerry and Maddie.”
Publishers Weekly 7.18.16

Maddie Porter is making her first miniature scale model without grandmother Gerry’s help: a school assignment of a waste-water treatment plant. Meanwhile, Gerry’s miniatures group welcomes its first male crafter, ceramicist Ron Templeton. But when his wife, tech executive Audrey Moore, turns up dead at the local B&B, Gerry and Maddie feel they must solve the murder before it becomes the site of Gerry’s wedding to Henry Baker in a few days. However, her homicide-detective nephew, Skip Gowen, is determined to keep Gerry and Maddie out of harm’s way. But the eleven-year-old is getting too smart—and devious—for her cousin to keep her away. As always, Grace has included a section of “Gerry and Maddie’s Miniature Tips” at the end of the book.”
Margaret Grace is the pen name of Camille Minichino, a lifelong miniaturist and the author of four different mystery series. She’s past president and a board member of Northern Calif. Sisters in Crime, and she teaches science at Golden Gate University and writing at Bay Area schools.

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Matrimony in Miniature
A Miniature Mystery
Margaret Grace
ISBN 978-1-56474-575-0
232 pages, trade paperback original, $15.95

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