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Dark Shadows Over a Peaceful Landscape

“Anyone who enjoys horses or the great outdoors will appreciate Crum’s obvious love for everything equine and her attention to detail.”—Publishers Weekly

When two riders are shot on the trails near veterinarian Gail McCarthy’s home in the California hills, she embarks on a risky hunt to catch the killer—as she might be the sniper’s next target.

In this final book in the series, protagonist Gail McCarthy is pondering various life questions: Does she now lack the professional detachment to be an equine veterinarian again? Should she continue to work when the financial need is removed? What does a stay-at-home mom do when her child no longer needs her? Is a life of being, not doing, ultimately more worthwhile? But she must put these problems on hold because of the immediate threat to her beloved hills and trails: a sniper is killing women on horseback. Along with the gradually increasing incursions into the landscape from fancy subdivisions and conflict with traffic on wheels, motorized or not, a rider may now be murdered just because she’s doing what she’s done for years. Gail can’t leave this one alone, and her friend, Deputy Sgt. Jeri Ward, needs her help.

Laura Crum, a fourth-generation Santa Cruz County resident, has owned and trained horses for over thirty years. She lives in the hills near California’s Monterey Bay with her family and a large menagerie. Crum has written twelve books about Santa Cruz equine veterinarian Gail McCarthy.

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A Gail McCarthy Mystery

Laura Crum
ISBN 978-1-56474-508-8
192 pages, trade paperback original, $15.95

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