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Promises, Promises, Promises

Three Novellas
by John M. Daniel

Anyone who remembers the year 1963
will never forget it.

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"Promises, Promises, Promises: Three Novellas."

Kindle edition:

Spring in Dallas: Wealthy bachelor Fergus Powers decides to get married for the first time, at the age of 68, but first he must inform the other women in his life…

Summer in Los Angeles: Art student David Llewellyn spends the summer painting a mural for a movie star and learning from two women how to have a love affair…

Fall in Minneapolis: Widow Rose Llewellyn, eight months sober, hears the news of JFK's assassination and falls of the wagon

Promises, Promises, Promises is made up of three novellas set in 1963. Combined, they form a three-part novel about love, promises, family, the controlling power of generosity, and the importance of home. Each of the three parts is told from a different point of view, covers a different span of time in that significant year, and is set in a different location. The book ends with an epilogue that ties the three novellas into a cohesive novel.

The book is laced with humor and with sorrow, and the characters live in each other’s lives while they compel the plot forward, decision after decision. Together these closely connected novellas show the changes that happen to the three principal characters, and the changes that happen to them as a family.

John M. Daniel is a freelance editor and writer. He has published dozens of stories in literary magazines and is the author of ten published books, including the Guy Mallon mystery novels. He and his wife, Susan, own a small-press publishing company. They live in Humboldt County, California.

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