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California offers unequaled variety in her landscape—her mountains, seashores, forests and deserts—as well as in the history and culture of her citizens-European, Asian, Hispanic, and Indian. Here is a collection of books to reflect California's rich diversity, offering insights as varied as the Golden State herself.

Alone In the Sierra
Marcel 'Pete' Fraser
80 pages, paperback, $8.00
ISBN 0-931832-98-5

What does a hiker think about as he lugs a heavy pack up a steep High Sierra trail? Pete Fraser's paean to wilderness and self-sufficiency mentions no place names; it is, rather, a vivid description of what the wilderness experience is really about.
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A History
Claudia Harper
128 pages, paperback, $10.00
ISBN 1-56474-273-3

Anabel Kennard Harper, known and loved as "Muntie," the matriarch from a Southern family, lived a rewarding but difficult life that tested the mettle and proved the strength of a woman. Above all it was her quiet pride and indomitable devotion to her family that left an indelible and poetic impression on Claudia, her first granddaughter, who fondly remembers Anabel's Packard "traveling car," her cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains, and their frequent conspiratorial movie trips to Market Street during school hours. This insightful family history, collected from family documents and oral histories, gives the reader a personal glance at America from after the Civil War to the beginnings of World War II.
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Anita of Rancho del Mar
Elaine F. O'Brien
176 pages, paperback, $8.95
ISBN 0-931832-79-9
Here is a charminlgy illustrated novel for middle-grade level readers, full of authentic historical and cultural detail. Set on a Spanish land-grant rancho in what is now Ventura County, California, this is the action-packed story of an independent-minded young girl and her adventures, most of which turn disaster into triumph.

Anita Activity Book
32 pages, paperback, $4.99
ISBN 1-56474-111-7
Puzzles games, and crafts to complement Anita of Rancho Del Mar.
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At the Gentle Mercy of Plants
Essays and Poems
96 pages, paperback, $10.00
ISBN 0-936784-13-X

"It is as though you have stumbled into a cave of enchanted forms, a new and sensual sicence, the prefume counter at I. Magnin's, a green mirror all at once." —San Francisco Chronicle

Brief Cherishing
A Napa Valley Harvest
97 pages, paperback, $10.00
ISBN 0-936784-03-2
Hildegarde Flanner; wood engravings by Fredercick Monhoff; foreword by Janet Lewis

"Hildegarde Flanner has created her own moving legend of the land, a legend in which plant and fern proclaim by their mere presence a gracious lineage, and trees an inherited nobility. It is a legend beautifully toldand one to be cherished before it becomes myth." —Kay Boyle


My Dancing Saint
Rebecca Lawrence Lee
240 pages, paperback, $12.95
ISBN 1-56474-215-6
"Eclipses Gertrude Atherton's treatment of the same material, both for historical detail and for polished writing." —Walker A. Tompkins, Santa Barbara News-Press
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Eye on the Western Stars
A Novel
André Malécot
176 pages, paperback, $10.95
ISBN 1-56474-093-5

Studying the language and culture of the native Lusieño people in Southern California, German-born linguist Gunter Kolb finds himself enchanted and changed forever-especially by Flora, a Luiseño elder, and by her niece, Ynez, with whom he falls in love.
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The Green Lantern
And Other StoriesAriel Smart
212 pages, paperback, $10.00
ISBN 1-56474-271-7

Ariel Smart is a brave new voice in California fiction. She writes of people of all ages, from all classes, who make choices and change. In a style spare and surprising, she gives us characters who are vulnerable, capable, and worth our time.
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Hannibal by the Sea
Boyhood Recollections of Growing Up in Santa Barbara
Andy Bisaccia
416 pages, paperback, photos & drawings, $16.95
ISBN 1-56474-252-0

Childhood before World War II was a simpler, kinder time, but it wasn't without its hilarious adventures, as this illustrated memoir shows. Here's what Tom and Huck would have done if they had lived on the California coast in the 1930s.
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The Ides of September
The Story of Patrick Bryan, Early Californian
Wilbert V. Dunne
64 pages, paperback, illustrated, $8.95
ISBN 1-56474-060-9

Patrick Bryan left Ireland during the Great Potato Famine and came to Monterey, where he experienced the colorful social life of Mexican California. In San Francisco he saw the rise of vigilantism and made his fortune in Nob Hill real estate.
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Katya of Fort Ross
Clara Stites
80 pages, paperback, illustrated,$8.95
ISBN 1-546474-379-9

This story, written for middle-school age readers, is set 150 years ago in the Russian community of Fort Ross in Northern California. A young girl named Katya lives with her father, a carpenter, and her stepmother, a native Alaskan woman. Katya befriends a native Kashaya (Indian) girl, and the two friends trade knowledge about each other's culture.
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Laguna, I Love You
The Best of "Our Town"
John Weld, with cartoons by Phil Interlandi
288 pages, paperback, illustrated, $14.95
ISBN 1-56474-157-5

John Weld published the Laguna Beach Post when Laguna was just a small seaside community. These essays from his column "Our Town" show what life was like among the well-to-do beach bums of the 1950s, 60s and 70s.
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The Melody Lingers On
Scenes from the Golden Years of West Coast Jazz
Jo Brooks Fox and Jules L. Fox
128 pages, hardcover, photos, $14.95
ISBN 1-56474-151-6

Brooks and Fox were publicists and artists' agents during the 1950s. Here are warmly remembered, humorous, and telling incidents in the shared lives of Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, George Shearing, Woody Herman, Sammy Davis Jr., Billie Holiday, Billy Eckstine, Slim Gaillard, and many more.
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The Migration of Moro
My Other Grandfather's Story
Roland R. Bianchi
112 pages, paperback, photos, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-209-1
Fortunato Campi came to America as a stowaway, became a teamster, and built a new life in San Francisco's Italian-American community. "A brisk, pleasurable read. When politicians rail against immigrants, it doesn't hurt to be reminded how tough their lots were and how much they contributed." —San Jose Mercury News
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Mostly Santa Barbara
Pen and Ink Drawings
Lynn Richardson
220 pages, cloth, $35.00, 8.5" x 11"
ISBN 1-56474-301-2

Lynn Richardson's charming book of a lifetime's pen-and-ink drawings will appeal for many reasons, aesthetic and otherwise. The lover of graphic art will appreciate her finely wrought, exquisitely detailed line drawings of houses, trees, flowers, animals, birds, the seashore, mountains, office buildings. And these scenes will appeal to anyone who's ever lived in or been to Santa Barbara. Browsing through these accurate descriptions of homes and businesses, some gone but not forgotten, is to evoke a pleasantly nostalgic stroll down memory lane. Lynn Richardson's Santa Barbara is a treasure box of the recent past of a city that's constantly changing even as it remains the same."
—David Dahl, writer, Santa Barbara resident thrity-three years
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Painting the Cows
Twenty Years of Wildlife Conservation
in California and the West
T.A. Roberts
176 pages, paperback, $14.95
ISBN 1-880284-29-4

These stories are about the real people doing the real work of wildlife management, from the mountains, deserts, and old-growth forests of California to the Snake River Valley in Idaho.

Here's a book of honest praise of animals and landscapes and people and events in the struggle to keep the natural world alive for another generation.

"Roberts' Adventures in Conservation (Published 1989) is a lively, engaging, and often beautifully written compendium of much that is right and even more that is wrong with the management of the nation's forests and the critters they nurture....There has never been anything better written from inside Smokey Bear's domain." --Wilderness Magazine
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Pico Street Stories
Kingsley Tufts
206 pages, 6" x 9", paperback, $12.00
ISBN 1-56474-238-5
Set in the Mexican-American community of Los Angeles before World War II, these stories, many of which first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, feature a boy named Pedro and his extended family. Highly entertaining tales, they celebrate simplicity, tenderness, humor, inventiveness in the face of adversity, and dignity in the midst of poverty.

Kingsley Tufts (1907-1991) was educated at Stanford University, first in economics and then in philosophy. In 1939 he abandoned academics to devote himself to writing. In 1946 he sold a story to The Saturday Evening Post and went on to write regularly for that magazine as well as The New Yorker, Colliers, and Esquire. He lived in Los Angeles. His memory is honored by the prestigious annual Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award.
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Red Tiles, Blue Skies
More Tales of Santa Barbara
Steven Gilbar, editor
176 pages, paperback, $12.95
ISBN 1-880284-17-0

The second collection of stories and essays from the California Riviera, including works by Kenneth Rexroth, John Sayles, Thomas Sanchez, and many more.
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The Reformer's Apprentice
A Novel of Old San Francisco
Harriet Rochlin
224 pages, clothbound, $19.95
ISBN 1-56474-167-2

"Combining a romance with a colorful recreation of Jewish life in the American West, this vivid novel portrays an independent-minded woman who rebels against the Orthodox religious strictures of her parents in 1870s San Francisco." —Publishers Weekly
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Rancho San Julian
The Story of California and Its People
A. Dibblee Poett
240 pages, paperback, $14.95
ISBN 1-56474-080-3

The colorful story of one of the original land-grant ranches in California still owned by its founding family. Illustrated with scores of historical photographs and maps, Rancho San Julian details the daily work and family life on a prosperous sheep and cattle ranch through the course of its history.
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Window to the World's Religions
Phillip E. Hammond and Ninian Smart, eds.

Californian Catholicism
Kay Alexander

128 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-062-5
Catholicism in California is a complex phenomenon. Developing in the particular geographical isolation that existed in California into the twentieth century, it is the work of Roman Catholics coming from many states and countries. It has its historical roots in Spanish Catholicism, joined later by American Catholicism (itself a blend), and still later by the folk Catholicism of Mexico. These various elements have blended in new ways in the religiously and culturually pluralistic environment of California. As a result, California Catholicsim is making important contributions to profound changes taking place in practices and beliefs of Roman Catholic worldwide.

Pilgrim Progression
The Protestant Experience in California
Eldon G. Ernst with Douglas Firth Anderson
144 pages, paperback $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-063-3
The presence of Protestantism in California began with the Gold Rush of 1849, marking a new chapter in California history and an unprecedented mixutre of religious group identities. Since that time, people have come to California in waves, representing a great variety of faiths. Included have been Protestant Christians calling themselves Methodists, Baptists, Congregationalists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Unitarians, Lutherans, Quakers, Disciples of Christ, Mennonites, Nazarenes, and a host of other church names. In short, all kinds of Protestants from the nations of the wolrd have settled in California, and for a century and a half they have contributed to the state's mixture of religious cultures.

Competing Visions of Paradise
The California Experience of
19th-Century American Sectarianism
John K. Simmons and Brian Wilson
128 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-064-1
The "made-in-America" sectarian religious groups of the 19th and early 20th centuries--Mormonism, Adventism, Christian Science, New Thought groups, and Pentecostalism--have something very special and important to tell us about California. For the fervent believers of these sects, sun-drenched California represented a kind of paradise where religious perfection could more easily be realized. Even today, the Golden State is seen as the land of endless possibility, the place where dreams come true. This is the story of pioneer faiths in a brave new world.

Dharma in the Golden State
South Asian Religious Traditions in California
Cybelle T. Shattuck
144 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-075-3
As successive waves of immigrants reached California from South Asia, they found various conditions awaiting them, and adopted various strategies in transplanting their faiths to their new homes. The Sikhs, who arrived first, built a close-knit community in which religion could be practiced much as it had been back home; Hindus, who followed, struggled to adapt a regionally diverse religion deeply rooted in the land and culture of India; and Buddhists, who have arrived most recently, have found refuge from strife as well as fertile ground for missionary work. At the same time, westerners have been adopting ideas and practices from Asian religons so that the culture of California is being influenced by South Asian religious traditions socially and culturally, as well as religiously.

The Santa Barbara County Courthouse
Patricia Gebhard and Kathryn Masson, photographs by James Chen
96 pages, paperback, 75 full-color photos, $16.50
ISBN 1-880284-45-6

The Santa Barbara County Courthouse stands today as a unique monument of architectural brilliance in California, and it is the prize jewel of the city and county whose people it serves and whose visitors it delights. This book, illustrated throughout with stunning full-color photographs, is the first thorough study of the history and architecture of this important landmark.
Patricia Gebhard is the author of a book on the furniture of R.M. Schindler. Kathryn Masson is the author of a book on Santa Barbara estates.
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Santa Barbara's Flying A Studio
Stephen Lawton
160 pages, paperback, photos, $12.95
ISBN 1-56474-210-5

"For too long, the story of Hollywood has dominated the history of filmmaking in California. Thanks to this intriguing and vivid study, Santa Barbara will at long last be receiving its due as a onetime center of cinematic production. A most enjoyable book." --Kevin Starr, California State Librarian
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Santa Barbara Stories
Short Fiction Set in the California Riviera
Steven Gilbar, editor
208 pages, paperback, $14.95
ISBN 1-880284-31-6

Santa Barbara, California has been sanctuary to many writers. Its unique and creative ambience has inspired short stories by some of this country's finest authors. Collected here are the best of the lot, some by famous writers, others by emerging writers, and though all have been previously published, most have only appeared in literary journals. This is the first time that they have been gathered in book form. This literary treat allows readers to savor the tang of first-rate writing while at the same time enjoying the atmosphere of one of the great sunlit margins of the world.
Included are stories by Nicholson Baker, T. C. Boyle, Ross Macdonald, John Sayles, Wallace Stegner, Catherine Ryan Hyde, John M. Daniel, Sheila Golburgh Johnson, Salvatore La Puma, Shelly Lowenkopf, Dennis Lynds, Gayle Lynds, and Marvin Mudrick.
Steven Gilbar's many published literary anthologies include Tales of Santa Barbara; Red Tiles, Blue Skies-More Tales of Santa Barbara; and The Natural State-A Literary Anthology of California Nature Writing.
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Saucer Eyes
A Story of Becoming in Hard Rock Mining Country
Eulah Croson Laucks
96 pages, paperback, photos, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-153-2

Eulah Laucks was born in Gold Hill, Nevada, in the Comstock Lode region, and moved with her family to Bakersfield, California, in her teens. This charming memoir describes the people and events of the waning days of the old west.
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Smell It Like It Is
Tales from the Garlic Capital of the World
Kathryn McKenzie Nichols; drawings by Kathleen Gaschk
112 pages, paperback, illustrated, $8.95
ISBN 1-56474-008-0

A columnist's portrait of a vanishing society, these entertaining essays from the Gilroy Dispatch look at what makes small-town life unique: the country store, the county fair, agricultural festivals; and the coming of modern times.
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Steinbeck Remembered
Interviews with Friends and Acquaintances of John Steinbeck
128 pages, paperback, photos, $12.95
ISBN 1-56474-326-8

"Lynch has done readers and scholars a big favor by tracking down many of the remaining friends and acquaintances of John Steinbeck for this interesting and entertaining work of oral history. This is a great read for Steinbeck enthusiasts."
—Brian E. Railsback, author of Parallel Expeditions: Charles Darwin and the Art of John Steinbeck.
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Tales of Santa Barbara
From Native Storytellers to Sue Grafton
Steven Gilbar and Dean Stewart, editors
176 pages, paperback, $10.95
ISBN 1-880284-08-1

This west-coast jewel has inspired artists and writers for centuries. Here is the Mission City, portrayed in fiction, essays, and poems. Included are writings by the native Chumash, Richard Henry Dana, Gertrude Atherton, Ross Macdonald, Sue Grafton, and many more.
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Tales of Topanga
Mary Miller
160 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-068-4

Short stories about the rugged individualists living in the Santa Monica Mountains. They have their problems-disputes over water, rising crime, bohemian gatherings, and economic hard times-but their pioneer spirit and sense of community see them through.
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A Thread to Hold
The Story of the Ojai Valley School
Patricia L. Fry
240 pages, hardcover, photos, $24.95
ISBN 1-56474-149-4

The history of the Ojai Valley School from 1911 to the present, told in narrative and in personal recollections about the people and events that have made this the most beloved school in Sangri-La. Illustrated with dozens of historic photos.
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A Western Harvest
The Gatherings of an Editor
Frances Ring
180 pages, paperback, illustrated, $9.95
ISBN 0-936784-87-3

As editor of Westways, Frances Ring published works by Lawrence Clark Powell, Norman Corwin, Anaïs Nin, Wallace Stegner, M.F.K. Fisher, William Saroyan, and many others. They are reprinted here with Ring's own reflections on the writers' lives and careers, and on the working relationship between editor and writer.
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Wild and Whacky Lompoc!
A Collection of Colorful Characters and Stories
Harry J. Crompe
160 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN 1-56474-026-9

The former editor of the Lompoc Record spins yarns about some of the denizens and events of this town noted for both flowers and launching pads. Historical and hysterical!
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The Worm Queen
Memoirs of Santa Ynez Valley
Alicia Landon
112 pages, paperback, photos, $9.95

Alicia moved west to help the War Effort by starting a dairy farm, and stayed on to become one of the valley's most remarkable characters and earn her royal crown raising red wiggler worms.
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